Enghaven Rum Distillery is a genuine rum distillery in Northern Denmark. The distillery is located among apple orchards and the harsh and beautiful nature of Randers Fjord.

Here, the rum is slowly matured in picturesque surroundings with the mark of quality that Denmark is known for.

The production process is slow and thorough, and only small batches of rum are distilled, fermented and matured by dedicated rum connoisseurs. Everything is done by hand, and the distillery focuses on good craftmanship, letting the rum take its time to age in a unique climate. Experimentation is one of the pilar stones of Enghaven Rum Distillery.

The slow aging process leaves its traces on the rum; with Enghaven rum you get the taste of the ‘slow living’ concept that made Scandinavia famous.

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Enghaven Rum Distillery White Rum is an unaged rum from a small batch distillery in Northern Denmark. The rum is based on molasses and was distilled in a pot still. E.R.D White Rum is the first expression of the new distillery which is the only pot still rum producer in Denmark.

Volume700 ml


Upfront punchy notes of pure potstill aromas with lots of deepness and power.
In the nose you will find overripe cherries with a sweet and sour touch.
The sweetness is rounded off by notes of citrus as well as spicy notes such as
pepper, nutmeg and coriander seeds.


On the palate you will find much less fruity notes as in the nose.
It is a very enjoyable rum with an oily texture and spicy aromas like pepper
and anis. The finish is medium dry and of medium length.


The rum is based on molasses and was distilled in pot and column still. E.R.D Black Strap is the second expression of the new rum brand which is now focussing on the production of pot still rum only. The rums used for this blend have matured in ex-Bourbon and Sherry casks and have been carefully selected for this blend. Molasses have been added after the blending to add the unique flavor profile to this rum.

Volume700 ml


Very present sherry influence with scents of ripe, lush berries paired with oak.
After some time the rum develops bergamotte and citrus notes reminding of
black tea sweetened with honey and a soft medical touch.


The flavors of sherry, honey and gentle medical smoke can be found on the palate.
The finish is long and leaves some spicy sharpness on the tongue.
This flavor profile is especially suitable for drinks and cocktails.

Slide PRODUCTION Enghaven rum is distilled, fermented and stored on a beautiful farm near Randers. Here the cold Scandinavian climate influences the rum and secures a slower maturation process, creating a unique and authentic rum. Slide THE DISTILLERY Enghaven is a micro distillery, producing extremely limited batches of each rum, making each bottle something new!